All AQVA baths and spas for domestic use are covered by a 10-15 year warranty, back by our extensive Australia-wide SafeSupport Network.

  • 10 Year Warranty on Free Standing Baths, Freestanding Spa Bath Shells
  • 15 Year Warranty on Insert Baths, Insert Spa Bath Shells

10year_warranty   15year_warranty

All products manufactured by AQVA carry the respective warranty against faulty workmanship, provided that the installation, use and maintenance are in accordance with the instruction supplied.


All AQVA products are designed and hand made in Australia, using the highest quality composite materials and alloys. Our baths, basins and shower floors have a polyvinyl surface that retains colour fastness and surface lustre. To ensure the strength and rigidity of our baths and spas, the void between the inner shell and outer shroud is filled with polyurethane foam. This also suppresses pump noise and prolongs water temperature. All pumps and spa systems are tested before leaving the factory. Our unique construction method provides access to the pump, in the likely event that service is required. If the external shroud is removed without factory approval, the warranty may be voided.

Drop in baths and spas that are purchased without the external shroud must be fully supported under the base (using a sand and cement slurry) and under the lip (with a timber or steel frame). If any flexing or movement occurs around the waste area, the warranty may be voided. Drop in spa baths are supplied with the pump attached. Reconfiguring or moving the pump will void the warranty.

  • 12 Month Warranty on Pipes and Fittings Works, Air Systems, Overflows and Headrests
  • 5 Year Warranty on Spa Bath Pumps (12 months parts and labour 5 years parts)


AQVA prides itself by using only the best freight forwarders in Australia and our long term relationships ensure that we provide competitive pricing on fully insured door-to-door delivery.

A service charge will be levied if AQVA or its agents are requested to inspect or repair damaged goods on site or after installation.


As all AQVA products are made to order a cancellation fee of 20% will be levied on all products returned in good order, plus freight charges if applicable.


All products manufactured by AQVA carry a ten to fifteen year domestic and 2 year commercial warranty against faulty workmanship, provided that the installation, use and maintenance are in accordance with the instructions supplied.


The pump and spa system are covered by a five year manufactures warranty on parts, a twelve month warranty parts and labour and twelve month warranty of pipes. This warranty does not cover installation, plumbing and/or any ancillary equipment; however this may be covered by separate contractor/supplier warranty and guarantees.

If the Aqva Floor Waste or the Aqva Removable Plug and Waste system are not used in the installation, voiding of warranty and service claims could result. The manufacturers warranty may also be voided if the product is not installed by a licensed tradesperson.



We recommend using a soft cloth and warm, soapy water to clean bath/spa surfaces, aluminium legs and shower floors. If dulling occurs on the bath, fine car cutting polish may be used to restore original lustre.

Do not use any abrasive or petro-chemical cleaners or bleaching agents on the jets or legs, as damage to the surfaces will occur. If unsure of the result, test a section of bath or leg that is unobtrusive or contact AQVA.