What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a bath? A freestanding bath tub…

The freestanding bath tub has evolved from being merely a functional bathtub in which to bathe and soak to a noteworthy design showpiece of the modern bathroom.

The benefits of an AQVA freestanding bath tub include:

  • 100% Australian owned and made – not just “Australian Assembled”
  • Handmade with “human form design” for optimal comfort
  • Designed with symmetry for a timeless shape that does not age
  • 5.0mm structural thickness for excellent thermal insulation and durability
  • An AQVA freestanding bath has a solid flat base (not an open base)
  • Made from premium grade gelcoat composite, that is:
    UV Stable – does not fade like acrylic or crack / chip like porcelain enamel
    Sanitary grade and scratch resistant for easy clean and long life
    Shines bright white for life – custom colours available, including white matching for exact shade
    Polishable – can be polished to restore brand new lustre in commercial applications
  • 10 year warranty on every AQVA freestanding bath

We cater to a full range of popular freestanding bath tub styles:


freestanding bath tub

freestanding bath tub

Tango 1900 Freestanding Bath Tub – Image courtesy of Peppers Mineral Springs Hotel, VIC

freestanding bath tub

Chentro 1900 Freestanding Bath Tub


The ‘human factor’ and designing specifically for it has been central to everything that we do at AQVA. With every bath design we have endeavoured to create a sense of pleasure, of belonging and participation, that accents every single moment spent in the home sanctuary that is the bathroom.


For the Japanese freestanding bath experience at home, a bathing ritual in accordance with ancient tradition is ideal to gain new strength. The AQVA Haiku and Pastille freestanding baths follow the Japanese example of health and relaxation from centuries of bathing in hot springs – alleviating pains in the joints, tension, bruises, sprains and other common ailments.

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