A freestanding spa transforms the modest spa bath into a stylish object of form and function within the bathroom.

The freestanding spa has evolved from being merely a functional bathtub in which to bathe and soak to a design showpiece of the modern bathroom.

The benefits of an AQVA Freestanding Spa include:

  • 100% Australian owned and made – not just “Australian Assembled”
  • Handmade with “human form design” for optimal comfort
  • Designed with symmetry for a timeless shape that does not age
  • 5.0mm structural thickness for excellent thermal insulation and durability
  • An AQVA freestanding spa has a solid flat base (not an open base)
  • Made from premium grade gelcoat composite, that is:
    UV Stable – does not fade like acrylic or crack / chip like porcelain enamel- Sanitary grade and scratch resistant for easy clean and long life
    Shines bright white for life – custom colours available, including white matching for exact shade
    Polishable – can be polished to restore brand new lustre in commercial applications
  • 10 year warranty on every AQVA freestanding spa

We cater to the two main styles of common freestanding spa design:

  • The Western style freestanding spa in which the bather lies down. These baths are typically shallow and long.
  • The Japanese style freestanding spa in which the bather sits up. These are known as ofuro in Japan and are typically short and deep.


freestanding spa



AQVA spa baths and baths have appeared in a number of resorts and commercial day spas, including:

  • Park Hyatt, The Rocks – $17K a night suite (The Sydney Suite)
  • Sheraton, Gold Coast
  • Hilton, Sydney
  • Byron at Byron Resort, Byron Bay
  • Gem Resort, Byron Bay
  • Peppers Resort, Hervey Bay
  • Peppers Resort, Tweed Heads
  • Peppers Day Spa, Hepburn Springs

AQVA has exported spa baths and baths to USA, Canada, Uruguay, India, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, New Zealand and Europe.

AQVA spa baths and baths have been featured in a range of publications including Belle, Vogue Living, Home Beautiful, Inside Out, Australian House & Garden, Houses, Houses Style, Kitchens and Bathrooms, Artichoke, Architectural Product News, Bathroom Year Book, Kitchen and Bathroom Design and Scoop Publications.