Dating back to the ancient Egyptians, who indications show were the first to discover the potential of water and essential oils for therapeutic purposes, remedial treatments and spa baths have for thousands of years been utilised for healing, luxury and relaxation.

Water treatments are still considered the heart of the spa experience in Europe.

Jump forward to the modern era and spa baths are still considered the epitomy of soothing relaxation and with the surge of architecturally designed homes and buildings with increased access to global trends, spa baths are more popular than ever, with many homeowners, builders and interior designers insisting on raising the level of luxury of their designs by installing them wherever possible.


*Haiku Tempio 24 Jet model shown

With ever escalating anxieties and stresses within our busy lives, the humble bathroom has evolved from simply a space to cleanse and bathe to not only the jewel of any new or existing residence, but also a sanctuary and safe-haven of wellness.

Moreso than ever, we are spending more time in our bathrooms – relaxing in them, cleaning them and looking forward to them, so it’s only appropriate that extra consideration should be taken when designing or renovating them.

With a majority of Australia’s population located in major capital cities, the shift towards a denser style of living is notable. With private space at an all-time premium, it is AQVA’s human-centred approach, underscored by a commitment to innovative construction materials, processes and beautiful European design that offers a new way of living within our home environments.

All of our spa baths are constructed from highly durable Gel Coat, which is extremely strong, long lasting, polishable and is designed to shine bright white for life.

“With an expansive range of styles available and affordability for every price point, a spa bath in the home has the distinct ability to transform any bathroom into a home sanctuary where time stands still as you soothe your aches, pains and worries away…”
– Chris Dawson, Director


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The ‘human factor’ and designing specifically for it has been central to everything that we do at AQVA. With every spa bath design we have endeavoured to create a sense of pleasure, of belonging and participation, that accents every single moment spent in the home sanctuary that is the bathroom.


For the Japanese spa experience at home, a bathing ritual in accordance with ancient tradition is ideal to gain new strength. The AQVA Haiku and Pastille insert spas follow the Japanese example of health and relaxation from centuries of bathing in hot springs – alleviating pains in the joints, tension, bruises, sprains and other common ailments.

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