The 1700 bath.
Where luxury and practicality meet.

Traditionally an unconventional dimension, the 1700 bath has earned it’s place as not only a luxurious size but also a practical one that’s very versatile.

When designing a bathroom, bath selection is a key decision as it often sets the overall look and feel of the space – the size of a bath can dramatically alter the scale of the room.

AQVA offers several models that meet the 1700mm requirement, ranging from the traditional oval of the Seduce through to the slipper style of the Haven and the Neuvo with its striking profile and tapered egg shape.

These models are perfectly geometric and symmetrical designs that will endure passing trends while never growing old.

Every AQVA bath or spa is handcrafted in Australia using only the highest quality materials available, providing a lifetime of sanctuary-level relaxation at home.

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1700 bath

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