The AQVA Bath Grate Kit provides an easy solution to cleaning around a freestanding bath or spa.

One of the biggest concerns associated with a freestanding bath or spa is the ability to clean behind the bath. If the bath has fixed plumbing then this is a real issue facing many households.

The solution? Avoid fixing the bath to the plumbing altogether by installing an AQVA Bath Grate Kit underneath.

This allows the bath or spa to be moved freely away from the wall to provide easy access for cleaning.

The AQVA Bath Grate Kit is easy to install and includes the parts required to provide a clean and simple water drainage solution for your freestanding bath or spa.


  • Easily move your freestanding bath or spa for cleaning
  • Acts as a secondary water overflow catchment for the whole bathroom
  • Easy installation
  • Polished aluminium finish matches any bathroom style
  • Removable grate for easy cleaning
  • Ability to take your bath with you when you move house

AQVA Bath Grate Kit includes:
– Polished aluminium grate
– Durable Gelcoat reinforced recessed catchment
– 50mm P-trap
– Installation instructions
– Dimensions: 250mm Long x 200mm Wide x 100mm Deep


Including free delivery Australia wide.

Australian Made

bath grate
AQVA Bath Grate

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