An oval bath or spa introduces a classic bath shape into the modern bathroom.

When designing a bathroom, bathtub selection is a key decision as it often sets the overall look and feel of the space – an oval bath is often the perfect choice.

AQVA offers a range of oval baths that offer perfectly geometric and symmetrical designs which mean that they will endure passing trends and never grow old.

An oval bath provides versatility, comfort and style to suit any bathroom layout or decor.

From the luxuriously large Tango 1900 to the space-conscious Seduce 1600, AQVA has the perfect oval bath for your bathroom build or renovation.

Every AQVA bath or spa is handcrafted in Australia using only the highest quality materials available, providing a lifetime of sanctuary-level relaxation at home.

oval bath

*Tango 1900 Oval Bath

oval bath

*Maraschino 1900 Oval Bath

Maraschino Oval BathAQVA Maraschino 1900
(2 person)

Maraschino 1900
Freestanding Bath

Savannah 1800 Oval BathAQVA Savannah 1800
(1 person)

Savannah 1800
Freestanding Bath

Mother of Purl 1815 Oval BathAQVA Mother of Purl 1815
(1 person)

Mother of Purl 1815
Freestanding Bath


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