At AQVA we design and locally manufacture baths and spas that meet a range of needs, from pure relaxation through to specific hydrotherapy requirements.

Whether you’re an individual with a unique situation or a business tendering for a large project, we have the resources and the technical skills in-house to deliver. Contact us to discuss your custom design requirements.

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Our design team will meet with you to understand the scope of your requirement before submitting a detailed proposal for your decision making process. On the commissioning of this project, AQVA will gather primary data from all parties involved to ensure an optimal fit-for-purpose design is achieved. Once signed off, the materials and manufacturing process engaged will follow ISO 9001 quality assurance processes, facilitating best practice fabrication and assembly for an exceptional product.


Initial Information Gathering

Our custom design methodology can be applied, whether building a bath for home or medical equipment for a maternity or sports physiotherapy clinic. During the process we undertake in-depth analysis of various project management frameworks pending the nature of the design elements such as the end-user requirements, the environment and maintenance life-cycle considerations.


We know our ability to create great design has a good deal to do with our attitude and disposition to learn from subject matter experts, which could be our clients, or our clients’ client and/or the end-users. Information to turn good design into great design can come from anywhere, even internally at AQVA when building a bath or spa – sometimes our apprentices see things that even our most senior engineers might not see.


Once a project has been accepted, we quickly set timelines and signoff requirements with you, whether it is a bath or spa or high-end medical requirement for a hospital or similar. Our strict project management frameworks ensure data is gathered and analysed quickly and efficiently, before presenting it to you to ensure all parties are in agreeance.
For our larger projects we like to:

  • Meet with key stakeholders
  • Interview subject matter experts
  • Interview customers and users
  • Review the competition
  • Examine parallel offerings, materials and achievable innovations
  • Refine the concept

The above helps us to get a 360-degree view of the application of the end product. We then create and refine various bath or spa concepts with technical and 3D drawings for you and your team to review before a sign-off of the work.


Once the design concept has been confirmed, we then engage the engineering team. Working with a broad range of materials for a multitude of applications, the AQVA engineering team can turn just about any idea into a reality. Whether the job requires the latest in CNC Engineering to laser cut a prototype or we just measure and cut with a craftsman eye, we have the capabilities to ensure your concept is in exceptional hands. With a team of 18 highly skilled craftsmen, we can fabricate your concept into a reality in the shortest possible time with the highest of quality engineering for your bath or spa.


All prototypes are rigorously tested with weight bearing, surface durability, pipe pressure and various other testing processes before we bring you back in to review the final working prototype. We want to ensure that what you see is going to be fit-for-purpose prior to you receiving your bath or spa.


Once your are completely satisfied that your bath or spa is of the quality expectation you require, we sign off and release to full manufacture. We can scale fabrication and assembly to your specific job requirements to deliver 1 or 1000 units with the highest in quality control and materials for full peace of mind backed by a 10 to 15 year warranty.