Incorporated in 1994, AQVA is Australia’s leading designer and manufacturer of baths and spas and has a specialist division in the Health and Wellbeing sector.

Delivering projects for the likes of Reece Commercial, Tradelink, Porter Davis, Harvey Norman, Peppers Resorts, Park Hyatt across the commercial, medical, aged care, women health and over the past decade specialising in innovations for various medical applications.

AQVA is currently developing new products to expand its range in the Health and Wellbeing area that includes a bath with a door targeted to mobility-impaired individuals, a submersion tank for patients with spinal injuries, a range of wheel chair accessible baths and a hospital-grade maternity bath designed to provide relief to expecting mothers.

On the commissioning of this project, AQVA will gather primary data from all parties involved to ensure an optimal fit-for-purpose design is achieved. Once sign-off, the materials and manufacturing process engaged will follow ISO 9000 quality assurance processes, facilitating best practice fabrication and assembly for an exceptional product.

Our Healthcare range currently consists of:

Walk-In Bath   Ice Bath

Birthing Pain Relief Bath