AQVA 4 Person Spa Bath

The AQVA 4 person spa is perfect for relaxing with family and guests.

Despite its small footprint, our 4 seat spa bath has spacious seating and is deep enough so that even when sitting upright, the water will cover up to the shoulders.

With seating for four people, an AQVA Kimono spa will provide a lifetime of opportunities for families and friends to connect, relax and unwind together.

Be prepared to become the most popular person in your neighbourhood once word gets out about your new spa. Your neighbours will no doubt expect an invitation to your hot tub parties.

The romantic benefits of an AQVA spa almost go without saying. With warm, swirling waters, mood lighting, and soft music, you can connect with your special someone and share a day spa experience in your own backyard.

At AQVA we use only the highest quality materials and innovative processes for defect-free production. Our Australian-made spas are manufactured using industry-leading Gelcoat which won’t crack or chip like porcelain and won’t fade or tarnish like acrylic.

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    4 person spa

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    4 person spa

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    4 person spa

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