Fill bath to 20mm above the highest jet. Depress on/off button. The second button, or air control, adjusts the flow of air to the jets. Open fully for a more powerful massage. When the air control is fully open, water will cool more quickly if hot pump has not been installed.


Aqua Design baths and spas are designed to provide flexibility and easy access for service and cleaning. All spa baths must use the Aqva Floor Waste or the Aqva Removable Plug and Waste systems, using the non-fixed location installation method outlined below.


One of the benefits of purchasing an Aqua Design bath or spa is that they do not need to be permanently fixed to the floor. This installation method is recommended for users who wish to move their bath for cleaning or portability and it is the required installation method for spas.

Install the Aqva Floor Waste into the bathroom floor beneath the location of the proposed waste outlet for the bath. The Aqva Floor Waste allows the bath to be situated over its catchment area so that the water can free fall into the holding tank.
A 40mm plug and waste connector is supplied to attach the waste pipe outlet to all spa baths. When installing the waste, silicone must be applied to the join between the inner and outer shell (where the waste passes through) before tightening the waste, thus ensuring a watertight seal. The waste supplied allows for the separation of the outer shroud from the internal bath shell, should the pump require servicing. If an alternate waste or pop up waste is used the warranty may be voided. If unsure, check with Aqua Design.

Connect and glue ridged PVC pipe to the 40mm waste. This method should only be used on baths without spas, and ensures that the bath is permanently located in fixed position. It is suggested that the bath is siliconed to the tiled floor to avoid unnecessary movement.
When placing baths with feet on uneven floors silicone or rubber pads should be used to prevent movement. We advise that all flat- bottomed baths should be adhered to the floor with an appropriate bonding agent (silicone).

The Aqva Floor Waste system is designed for easy installation for tiled, slab or sheet-cement based floors. It comes complete with a holding tank, aluminium grate and a 50 mm P trap. For building into a slab floor, the holding tank must be connected to waste and level with the slab. In timber floors with cement sheet overlay, the appropriate opening should be made to accommodate the holding tank and recess the flange. The flange must be level with the cement sheeting and sealed into place. Affixing with c/sink brass or s/s screws may if required. When tiling, allow clearance around the grate for removal and cleaning. The grate should be level with the tiled floor surface.

Aqua Design freestanding spa baths come with the pump mounted between the inner shell and outer shroud. For the Bliss, Haiku, Maraschino, Pastille, Savannah, Seduce, Silk and Tango, the electrical plug and lead is accessed from the back side of the bath (or the side that is positioned against the wall). The Beluga and Cassie access is in the rear corner and the access for the Femme Fatale, Haven,Helsingor, Nuevo, Tivoli and Wave is at the head rest end. The lead must be connected into an approved waterproof power point (10 AMP) or hard wired into a junction box no less than one meter from the bath.

The shower floor is designed and manufactured for corner installation and comes with two vertical and two horizontal tiling flanges. It is suitable for slab or cement sheet installation. For slab construction, you should leave a void greater than the shower tray dimensions. The tray should then be bedded into a slurry of sand and cement, ensuring that the horizontal tiling flange is level with the slab. For timber floor with cement sheet overlay, the tray should be installed directly onto the floor joists. No reinforcing is required as the shower floor is fully self supporting. Using c/sink brass or s/s screws, drill and countersink around the peripheral flanges, ensuring that the heads are fully recessed for tiling. Seal all edges. The Aqva Shower Floor is designed to be tiled level to the anodised aluminium floor grate, to maximise the catchment area and function with, or without, a shower screen. The waste connection is 50 mm.The Aqva Shower Floor can be modified for external and island situations.