AQVA Freestanding Baths and Spas

Our Australian-made, luxury freestanding baths and spas range in design from classic to contemporary. We have options to complement any bathroom style, shape or size. Inspired by Italian design, each AQVA product is hand-crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

At AQVA, we believe that modern day bathrooms should be a sanctuary for body, mind, and soul. From the classic shapes of the Bliss and Cassie to the contemporary lines of the Celeste and Wave, we’ve designed our freestanding baths around the human form for a deep, luxurious bathing experience. With AQVA you can enjoy a day spa experience at home, every day.

At AQVA we are committed to using only the highest quality materials and innovative processes for defect-free production. Our baths are manufactured using industry-leading Gelcoat. Gelcoat won’t crack or chip like porcelain and it won’t fade or tarnish like acrylic.

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    Tango 1900 Ritiro Freestanding Spa

    Tango 1900 Ritiro Freestanding Spa


    Maraschino Ritiro 1900 Freestanding Spa Bath

    Maraschino Ritiro 1900 Freestanding Spa Bath


    Silk Ritiro 1800 Freestanding Spa Bath

    Silk Ritiro 1800 Freestanding Spa Bath


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    Japanese Baths and Spas

    japanese freestanding baths

    Our space-efficient, Japanese-inspired, deep soaking spa baths are perfect for smaller bathrooms without compromising design aesthetics. Soaking in an AQVA Haiku or Pastille model will give relief from joint pain, muscle tension, cramps, and other bodily discomfort or injury. Read more about our Japanese baths and spas.

    Corner Baths and Spas

    corner freestanding baths

    AQVA corner spa baths are another versatile, space-saving option and feature unique organic, ergonomic design. Whether you’re looking to maximise floor space or are simply looking to take a different approach to your bathroom layout, our Beluga and Cassie models are the perfect fit.

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