A corner bath or spa captures the essence of hotel luxury and provides any bathroom space with an air of grandeur and opulence.

The rounded elegance of the AQVA Beluga and Cassie corner bath or spa will seamlessly blend into your new or existing bathroom yet will also become the focal point and integral element to your luxurious home sanctuary experience.

Sharing the same shape and dimensions, the Beluga is a modern take on the traditional corner bath design, with its clean lines and bold curves, while the Cassie brings a rejuvenated approach to the classic corner shape with the addition of stylish polished legs to provide the ultimate corner freestanding bathing experience.

AQVA corner baths have been designed to have true rounded corners allowing the bath to introduce a sense of flow and ultimate luxurious style into the bathroom.

The AQVA corner bath range consists of two models which are available in various forms to suit a wide range of budgets and applications:

AQVA Beluga Corner Bath
Beluga 1745 Insert Bath
Beluga 1745 Freestanding Bath
Beluga 1745 Insert Spa Bath
Beluga 1745 Freestanding Spa Bath

AQVA Cassie Corner Bath (with feet)
Cassie 1745 Freestanding Bath
Cassie 1745 Freestanding Spa Bath

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corner bath

*Beluga 1745 Santuario 16 Jet model shown

corner bath

*Cassie 1745 Santuario 16 Jet model shown

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