AQVA Spas & Baths

Forget the cluttered bathrooms of days gone by, as bathrooms in the 21st century are more important than ever when it comes to not only providing a space within the home to cleanse, but are also increasingly designed to provide a sanctuary of relaxation and luxury within the home.

As higher quality products and materials become more accessible, these 2015 Bathroom Trends show that it is easier than ever for those who are not only building their dream home, but also those who are renovating their existing homes.

Clean & Simple

Following bathroom trends across Europe, inwall cisterns help to achieve a clean modern look for any bath and their space-saving benefits provide the perfect solution to smaller bathrooms and powder rooms.

Outdoor Bathrooms

The trend towards outdoor bathrooms or bathrooms that bring the outdoors is bigger than ever, as being surrounded by lush foliage and warm natural sunlight adds to a truly relaxing yet still private bathing experience.

Freestanding baths and spas are particularly useful as their ability to be easily moved between indoor and outdoor bathroom locations allows them to provide the perfect solution to creating an outdoor bathroom sanctuary.

Eco Friendly

While water saving solutions have been the focus for a long time, environmentally friendly materials such as bamboo are increasingly being incorporated and utilised over traditional timbers in bathroom designs for applications such as vanities and storage cabinets.

Sharing The Experience

Tiny cubicle showers are out while showers, baths and spas that can accomodate two are in, providing the flexibility to enjoy a relaxing bathing experience solo or to share it.