Building, extending or renovating your home is one of the most exciting and creative processes that you can go through. But with all that responsibility comes pressure to make informed decisions that will last for decades. How can you make sure to get the right design for your lifestyle, stay within your budget and maximize the return on your investment? Well to start with, create a great design for every room in your house. Especially one of the most commonly used – the bathroom, and avoid the common bathroom design mistakes.

Whether big or small, bathrooms should always be well thought out and carefully located, and should function with multiple users in mind. We’re long past the era where there was one bathroom for every three bedrooms in the house, and everyone had all the time needed to use it. Today’s bathrooms need to be beautiful, use the space efficiently and serve the users functionally. Avoiding these common bathroom design mistakes below will go a long way to rewarding you with a bathroom for the ages.

5 Common Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid:

1. No view out.

Lack of natural light is one of the most common bathroom design mistakes. After all, nobody likes a dark, damp bathroom — it’s no fun nor is it relaxing to spend your time in a space like that. If you’re building or relocating a bathroom, ensure it is located to feature external walls with windows. If windows aren’t an option, look into installing an operable skylight. This will allow for the fresh air and natural light needed to make the space feel comfortable.

bathroom design mistakes


2. A clear view in.

Whenever possible, avoid locating the bathroom directly off one of the home’s public rooms — like the kitchen, living room or dining room.

Try to create some sort of formal separation to break up the line of sight between the common areas and the bathroom. The last thing you want is to be sitting in the living room with a glass of wine and looking straight into the bathroom at the toilet.

bathroom design mistakes


3. Making it all about the toilet.

This one is unfortunately a very common bathroom design mistake. Avoid making the toilet the first thing you see when you enter the bathroom. Also try to avoid any sight lines to it from adjacent rooms.

Ideally you should try to put the toilet and shower in their own space within the bathroom while keeping the sink separate. This instantly increases functionality as it allows someone to have a shower while someone else gets prepared

bathroom design mistakes


4. Frameless enthusiasm.

A frameless shower not only makes a bathroom feel bigger and look cleaner — it’s also a very practical and much more safe for users of all ages. A simple glass screen works to separate the wet area from the rest of the bathroom. It will let light flow in throughout the space, creating an airy and light-filled bathroom.

bathroom design mistakes


5. Thinking bigger is better.

Bigger isn’t always better; better design is better. Whether you’re designing a large master bathroom in your dream home or trying to make the most of a limited bathroom space, there are a range of fixtures, baths and spas available for your project. The most important aspect of any new bathroom build or renovation is that it has a well thought out design. A clever design will not only introduce a home sanctuary of relaxation but will also function efficiently for your specific lifestyle.

bathroom design mistakes