Luxury Freestanding Bath

Whether you’re renovating, designing or building your dream space, we’ve got 7 bite-size gems to make your small bathroom feel bigger.

1. Windows & Natural Light

Allowing natural light to enter the bathroom can help give the impression of letting the outside in, increasing the visual space within the room, a large garden window delivers a tranquil sanctuary where relaxation and solitude can take place within a beautiful bathroom retreat.

2. White – Colour Consistency

Maintaining light and common colours throughout a space will make a room feel larger, as reducing visual punctuation lifts the entire room . If you have a small bathroom with compact dimensions, keep it simple and clean while avoiding the temptation to include too many varying surfaces and colours.

3. Frameless Walk-In Shower

Frameless glass walk-in showers not only allow more light into the shower space, keeping the bathroom light and clean, but also allows for easier shower use, less visual clutter and fewer safety hazards when exiting the shower.

Gone are the days of the heavy aluminium framed showers!

4. Mirror

Similar in effect of a large window, a large mirror can essentially double the visual space in your bathroom.

A large mirror is an instant and cost-effective solution to add loads of visual space to a bathroom of any size.

5. Light

Avoid cold, fluorescent lights and aim to introduce warm, crisp lighting to further increase the sense of space in the bathroom.

Some clever forethought and planning of the lighting of the room, whether through the addition of windows, skylights or lighting fixtures, will have an amazing impact both your final bathroom design and also your bathroom experience within the room.

6. Cabinetry

Removing detail within the cabinetry and drawer details will reduce visual clutter in your bathroom and add to the sense of space.

Wall-hung vanities and cabinets provoke a sense of floating and weightlessness to an otherwise large structure in the room, adding an air of flow to the bathroom.

7. Tiles

The secret to selecting tiles is to choose a design or palette that creates width and space to the bathroom layout. Horizontally laid tiles enhance the visual dimensions of the room in contrast to vertically laid tiles.

To create the longest-lasting bathroom design possible, try to avoid current trends that come and go as they tend to date rather quickly, instead opting for classic styles and colours.